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Live Action Sexicon Paragliding Video

I know you have all been dying to fly with me and now you can! Thanks to David from Paragliding Spain who strapped his 360 camera to my flying buggy and rendered this cool video! You can move the screen around and look up or down and all over the landscape or stare straight at my #sexicon face for 2 and a half minutes as I glide you all gently from levante to the landing field in Algodonales with my signature boss landing skills.

The song we're flying to was written and performed also by David. So, that's extra gorgeous. A lot of love went into this video. You can see more of David's work here:

A lot of love also goes into each flight. When I'm in the sky, I hear all my babes on the radio. Giving me guidance and encouragement. They can't hear me, but I talk back to them. During this flight, as I swooped over the landing field, Pablo radioed to say, 'Erin, you fly like a butterfly!' and I said, 'thank you.' and then, 'Now watch me land like the fiercest butterfly you've ever seen.' And that's where the title came from.

Incidentally there was butterflies on the socks I was wearing that day and a butterfly on my necklace that you can't see and butterflies painted onto the windows of the room I'm sleeping in for privacy and everyday there are butterflies showing me their wingy secrets in the fields and mountains we spend all day in.

🦋🦋🦋thank you, David and my Zero Gravity babes for everything that goes into this magic.🦋🦋

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