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Erin Clark's book If You Really Love Me, Throw Me Off the Mountain (EyeCorner Press) is recommended by the NYTimes in this article showcasing a wide range of books, films television and dance representing artists from the disability community.  READ HERE

To celebrate the upcoming release of "Last Call," a story about an actress who has a steamy threesome with her friend and a cute bartender, Erin Clark is interviewed by DIPSEA.

"Erin Clark is an unstoppable force. She is fierce in a way that forces people to notice, unapologetic in claiming her space in the world. She is a brilliant writer and a world champion pole athlete. Her introspection on her life and disability is a stunning vista of what our lives might be when, in her words, we turn our fear into curiosity. ... DISABILI-TEA: INTERVIEW WITH A SEX ICON

Barcroft Media sent a videographer to Vilaseca to film Erin going about her day and training for the World Pole Sport Competitions in July, 2017. MINI DOC FOR BARCROFT TV

Erin Clark is from Canada, creator of Instagram's erinunleashes and how to be a sex icon. Her work across film, self portraiture, creative nonfiction and fiction is a reclaiming of disability in narrative, where she explores what it means to portray and present herself, without mediation, in her own context, from her perspective. She is a world-traveller, world champion, and, as a paragliding pilot, Erin has a wheelchair that can fly.

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