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International Wheelchair Day!

Wheels! So round, so sexy, so important to mankind!

I put together this retrospective of a sexicon’s love for her #wheelchair.

My flesh is of the earth, like all bodies. But so is the body of my wheelchair, the titanium extracted from the crust of the earth, an element that happens to be abundantly found in Canada. The same crust of ancient rock I crawled across as a kid contains the element needed to build my wheelchair.

Titanium is always bonded to other elements in nature.

Titanium is paramagnetic. When it is exposed to a strong magnetic force, it internalizes that magnetism, forming its own magnetic field in response to the magnetic field around it. This sounds to me exactly like the mechanics of love, of adventure, of a magical life. Expose yourself to a greater force, internalize it until it forms within you a resonating force, then radiate outward. It’s a seduction.

The titanium of my wheelchair is bonded to, made solid with aluminium. It is known in this state for having the lowest density with the highest strength of all the metals, for being able to resist the damaging effects of extreme environments, for being lustrous. The same metal used for spacecraft and jets is used to make my wheelchair. It was made to explore.

Titanium was named for the sons of Gaia, the primordial mother of all life on Earth. When I roam, when I roll, when I fly, I am held up by the spirit of titans.

(Photos of me in the forest curled up on my chair (#3) by @elimoraphoto the rest are all selfies of me draped glamorously over my wheelchair in every possible configuration in as highly saturated light as contrast of colours as I could manage.

In the video I am sitting in my knees, facing the backrest of my chair, hugging it to my chest and then plucking the rims like harp strings to make a kind of waltzy-glidey motion. Drama, red hair, bare skin, wheelchair, happy day! 🥰😘

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