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Wheelchair Pole Dance

Wheelchair Pole Dance

I dance. I do acrobatics. I use a wheelchair.

Inventing wheelchair pole dancing has been a process of exploring the relationship between aesthetics and deformity,  intentional movement vs limits of movement, the value of adaptation in art and sport, performance quality in unfamiliar bodies and types of movement, and the very personal terrain of inclusion. 


The relationship between me and my coach, Salima, who helps me develop new moves and sequences as well as navigate the competitive environment (both as an athlete and a pioneer of parapole and adapted pole dance) is an active and evolving example of the collaborative nature of inclusion of disabled people in events, athletics, social environments and personal relationships. 


I use the attention my pole dancing has garnered - the interviews and documentaries and performances I have been requested to do - to share more of my perspective on 'inspiration porn', the relationship between disabled people and the media, inclusion and the importance of broad and nuanced representation.

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