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In January of 2016, I spent eleven days at sea in the arctic circle hunting the northern lights. I wondered, on facebook, if anyone would like to read my stories and see my photos if I made a newsletter. A couple dozen friends signed up and I set out to make a casual, digital version of a 90's cut-and-paste style zine that I would just email like no big deal. But I am a big deal. I should have known. My humble crafty idea got carried away and turned into a glossy lifestyle/travel/fashion magazine. It was so good, I made it this website. I bought a tripod and remote shutter for the first time so that I could take promotional selfies that showed my entire self, wheelchair and all.


It was the birth of a #sexicon. 


What started as a personal arts and crafts project, became a commentary on the lack of disabled people represented in arts and culture, and the lack of leadership roles filled by disabled people. I made all the decisions and filled all the roles in creating this issue. I wrote all the articles, I took all the photos, I did all the layout design. I starred in all the marketing materials. It was a glory of seflie-promotion.

I made it available exclusively in print. It was important that it exist in physical form in people's possession. Not just an idea. But a tangible presence. Me and my creation inhabiting visible space. People took selfies with it. Copies of it are still sitting on coffee tables and in bookshelves. 

Inspired by myself, I went on to make a second issue, hiring a managing editor to help me take it to the next level. And from there my writing accelerated. My essays started to win non-fiction awards, I was published in several high profile publications. I recently finished the entire manuscript of my first memoir. 

Nothing really has as clear a beginning or end as a writer would prefer, but this is where a mighty and deliberate thrust of momentum kicked up in my life and hurtled me into the world as an artist. So I say it started here, with this boastful and assuming tale of my adventures hunting the Aurora from a ship sailing the Norwegian fjords.


I offer it now from my Sex Icon archives as a gift to you. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I hope you enjoy.

With love, 





(from mobile devices, click the image to be taken to the PDF)

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