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The Sexicon Surfer

There’s a part in my memoir where I wax the most rhapsodic over how the same alloys that make my frame are found in the Canadian Shield I grew up scrambling across. My chair is my home. I am supported by pieces of deep earth alloyed into the same metals they send to space. When Jenna showed me an early version of comic book sexicon I was a zeal of ideas. Ok ok! So if she has all this fire power, what if, it’s not just lightening, but she like has smelting power.. and like, metal pours from her inner flame and cools into the shape of her chair and then absorb it back into her blood again? And like, by day she’s a geologist who is super nerdy about rocks and by night she is... well... Jenna took my peal of enthusiasm to heart and you can see for yourself. By night, our superhero is half naked, wearing only the metal of her chair to cover her nipples and the parts of her legs that get cold from lack of circulation. She travels sensuously among the stars. The clasps on the arm and garter, Jenna made sure they matched the hubs on my wheels. I love this mock comic for focusing on the details that show you how intimately my chair and I are connected. Happy intergalactic wheelchair day, babes!

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