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The Queen of Cups for Khôra

I am so honoured to be the featured writer in Issue 3 of Khôra. A short film, self portrait series and piece of nonfiction all about the my longing and love for the Mediterranean Sea are published alongside incredible artists and writers.

From Leigh Hopkins, curator and editor: "Sometimes in life, you come across people who feel like kindred spirits. An immediate soul connection that has a kind of hum to it—undeniably familiar, like a reunion. That’s been the case with this collaboration with @erinunleashes, a badass writer and artist who is pretty much like a mermaid-poet-superhero with wings. You need to know Erin. You will love Erin. You will love her book."

Go and read my icon of a piece, The Queen of Cups, as well as the rest of the gorgeous third edition of Khôra.

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