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Wheelchair tango

If you have read Love All The Way you will recognize Mau and I figuring out how to re-create the sexy and passionate tango scene from Mr and Mrs Smith - with my wheelchair in it.

I posted a video of the scene here:

In the essay, I write:

On the first day of the course, while Mau carried me out of a roughly ploughed sunflower field, he said: “When I get married and carry my future husband or wife over the threshold, I’ll be thinking of you.” Then you better be future marrying me, I thought before I could stop myself. I didn’t say anything for a beat while I tried to figure out if we were thinking about marriage because it’s one of the few times a grown man carries a grown woman, or if there was something else to it. I also wrote:

The first time Mau carried me from where I landed to some shade, I liked it. He breathed evenly, carrying me without strain, the entire 30 or more metres. After, I risked the innate power imbalance and let him carry me around several times a day for the rest of the week. Often when it wasn’t necessary. This put him repeatedly in control of my safety, bodily autonomy, comfort. No matter how flirtatious and playful you make it, the reality is I can’t just get down and walk off if I want to—a frustrating, confusing, one-sided intimacy I would normally avoid. I preferred to crawl through the dirt than have anyone carry me. But I let Mau. ___________

At the end of the video you can see me ask: how long can you hold me like this? You can see him tease me, pulling his mouth into a slight smile, titling his head slightly, his eyes hinting at a wink when he says, “a long time.”

A year after first being in his arms and thinking about marriage, here we are being sexy, spy assassin versions of Mr. and Mrs. for the camera, gazing at each other while he holds me and holds me without a trace of strain.

🔥Check out Love All The Way read more of what happened while shooting this sexy scene and see how the photos turned out!🔥

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