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I moved to Algodonales to paraglide. Jose told me if I wanted to get really good - acrobatic flying good - I needed to be doing it all the time. “You need to move to Algodonales.” He said in May. “Any problem that you think you have, we will solve it, if you move here.” So I did. On one incredible impulse, I packed up and moved to a town with about 5000 people in population, I hear the clomping of horse hooves pass by my door frequently. It’s set into the side of the mountain we fly off and there is one main road that runs flat through it, which I happen to live on. To the left is steep up, to the right is very steep down. I don’t fit in the grocery store or dollar stores so the flying instructors don’t just teach me to fly, they run errands for me, too. Last week, I got a freak case of vertigo and ended up immobilized on my bathroom floor with a doctor, a nurse, an ambulance driver, my friend Regina and all four Paragliding Spain babes in my kitchen watching while I got a couple shots in my butt. It’s only been a week and we’ve been through thick and thin! But the point, the purpose, what makes the reckless inconvenience worth it, is that when the wind is good, I fly. And today, I did my first spiral dive. A gentle one. But a dive that was all mine, in the sky at the golden hour. This is my life now.

Link to a short video of my first spiral dive:

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