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Sex Icon Magazine

Travel. Lifestyle. Sex appeal. 

"If you want to be in a magazine but your wheelchair confuses vogue, just make your own. Create the lifestyle for people to covet, write all the articles, do all the modeling and the photography, make all the executive layout decisions because you're the boss of this narrative. Life is too short to wait for mainstream representation. Be your own #sexicon. 

International Sex Icon Erin Clark visits Toledo, Spain. Things get sexy when a friend turned private tour guide takes her places no wheelchair should go and must carry her in his muscled arms, telling stories of his childhood and the ancient city he grew up in. Adventure, sex appeal, fashion and really good writing come together in the seductive edition of Sex Icon Magazine: babes and boyfriends.

International Sex Icon, Erin Clark goes hunting for northern lights on a Hurtigruten cruise in Norway. Does she meet any magical reindeer? Does she pillage with marauding Vikings? How did she end up in ship jail? Find out in this Travel Journal meets Fashion magazine and let a sex icon seduce your travel lusts.

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