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If You Really Love Me, Throw Me Off the Mountain by Erin Clark

"Erin’s memoir left me breathless, and not just from feeling as though I was flying through the air along with her. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to follow this journey of love, adventure, and heartbreak, all told through Erin's beautiful and deeply evocative writing. A must read!" (Kate Scelsa, Fans of the Impossible Life)

"If You Really Love Me, Throw Me Off the Mountain is a glorious romp around the world, filled with journeys I wish I was on; it's also a paean to self-determination. Not just the tired old chestnut of "Rah rah you can do anything!" but a serious look at how we can assess--and push--our own boundaries, no matter our level of courage or our method of moving around." (Allison Williams, Seven Drafts: Self-Edit Like A Pro From Blank Page to Book)

If You Really Love Me, Throw Me Off the Mountain is a memoir of love and adventure. It tells of one very whole woman's experience of being disabled in a world that cannot imagine her being anything other than broken. In 2014, aerial dancer Erin Clark moves from Canada to command the stages of New York City. When her wheelchair breaks, sepsis nearly kills her, and her marriage ends, she is flung out of her life and into a dramatic series of events which culminates with her moving to Spain to join a paragliding school and master one of the world's most dangerous sports. When she falls in love in the Andalusian mountains, she learns that a flying wheelchair might not be the biggest risk of all.

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